CImg dependency

LifeAI has a single external library dependency:  CImg

It is used for loading images and visuals, as well as saving processed images.  Fortunately, it is one of the easiest open source libraries to include, since it is all contained in a single header file.

Download CImg from this link:

Once you have downloaded it, locate the "CImg.h" file included in the download.  Simply copy and paste it in the same folder as your LifeAI header files.  There may be an additional step in your IDE for the CImg library to work.  See the Starting a project section for IDE-specific additional steps.

Note: By default, CImg can only load and save 24-bit BMP image files.  If you want to load images from another file type, you can either look at the Mind::setPixel() function to manually enter pixels, or you can configure CImg to accept additional file formats by following the directions on their website.

LifeAI has been tested with CImg version 2.9.4   Newer versions are likely to work, though not guaranteed.  License information for CImg is available at their website and in their download package.

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